Port Barrel Instructions

Please read the instructions carefully to get the best results from your American Oak Port Barrel

Preparing the Barrel

Important Note: Never immerse the barrel in water as this will turn it black.

  • Fill the barrel with water as the barrel has been empty since manufacture and the oak could have dried out.
  • If the barrel leaks, leave the water in it for the oak to “take up” moisture and stop the leaking. Do not keep the water in the barrels for longer than four days
  • Remember that patience is necessary at this stage and is the key to successfully preparing the barrel.
  • Empty the barrel and let it drain completely.
  • Pour into the barrel a quarter of a bottle of Old Tawny Port, roll it around several times and empty it out.
  • Fill the barrel with the port you have selected or blended.
  • If the barrel still leaks, empty the wine out, refill it with water and leave until the leaking stops. In most instances this will not be necessary.