Storing Your Own Wine

Many wine connoisseurs are often excited to purchase their own wooden or metal wine rack to store their wine in their kitchen, dining room, or bar. Let’s take a look at some considerations you should make when purchasing a wine rack and ways to use your wine rack to store your collection properly.

Considerations When Purchasing a Wine Rack

One of the immediate benefits of purchasing a wine rack from your home is that it allows you to store your wine in a horizontal orientation, preserving the quality of your wine. Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of your wine rack.

Using Your Wine Rack To Create a Wine-Cellar Environment In Your Home

If you are setting up a wine storage area in your home, there are several different rooms that could potentially work. If you have an unused room in your basement, that would be ideal. Closets are also a great area to store your wine. Avoid the laundry room, a room near your furnace, or on top of the refrigerator. These areas are susceptible to heat, humidity, and vibrations and could potentially damage your wine.

If You Entertain Guests, Make Sure Your Wine Rack Is In a Convenient Location

If possible, make sure that your wine rack is in a convenient location if you entertain guests frequently. Your wine is a way to get the conversation going and to bring people together. If wine is an important part of entertaining your guests, a metal wine rack is particularly beneficial because it highlights the bottles themselves, whereas a wooden wine rack can be matched to the decor of a room.

Should You Get a Metal Wine Rack or a Wooden Wine Rack?

WineX Storage offers both metal and wooden wine racks, and combinations thereof. Both types are appropriate for different situations and individuals. Typically, wooden wine racks are ideal for:

  • People who have a large wine collection already.
  • Areas of your home that have a certain rustic or vintage decor.
  • Storing a wine collection in a larger space.

Metal wine racks are going to be perfect for the following situations:

  • People who want to store wine in a smaller space.
  • Wine connoisseurs who prefer a more contemporary aesthetic.
  • Those who are starting out a wine collection for the first time.

Combination metal/wood wine racks are going to be more ideal for larger collections that won’t be moved frequently over time.

Proper Storage Techniques With Your Wine Rack

Making sure that your wine is stored correctly in your personal space will make sure that you can enjoy your collection at its best quality and vintage. Let’s take a look at how you can protect your personal wine collection with proper storage techniques.

Avoiding Placing Your Wine Racks Near a Heat Source

The ideal temperature for wine storage is around 10° to 18°C. The typical room temperature is around 20°C. If you store your wine near a heat source, the temperature can actually rise to above the optimal temperature and you can actually “cook” your wine. Too much heat for wine can:

  • Eliminate flavors that are essential to great-tasting wine.
  • Ruin the aromas that go with particular types of wine.
  • Alter the wine’s acidity so that the alcohol will start to cut out the flavor.

When purchasing a wine rack, you should place it in an area of your home that is not near heat. Make sure that your wine is not located near a window, a vent, or a stove when placing it in your home.

Don’t Place Your Wine Rack Too Close To Artificial Light and Sunlight

When you have a vintage wine collection, a common impulse is to place it where people can see it. Placing your wine rack near a window or an artificial light source can be detrimental to the quality of your wine. Too much light can cause your wine to age prematurely. Lighter-colored wines are particularly susceptible to light. In fact, even the color of the bottle can make your wine more susceptible to light. If your wine bottles are clear, light blue, or light green, they need to be stored in a place that is darker.

Don’t Place Your Wine Rack In a Place Susceptible To Vibration

If you are thinking of placing your wine rack in a cool, dry place, like your cellar, make sure that your wine won’t vibrate from people walking on stairs or closing a door. Vibrations can be particularly damaging to wine, especially red wines.

Vibrations can accelerate the aging of your wine, leading to a decrease in overall quality. Make sure that your wine racks are placed in an area of your home that is not susceptible to vibrations.

Avoid Cooling Wine For Long Periods of Time

Some wine racks can be easily integrated into your refrigerator. That being said, avoid chilling your wine in a refrigerator for more than a month. Over time, the lower temperature of the refrigerator, direct light whenever the refrigerator is opened, and moisture can impact the quality of your wine and cause it to oxidize.

Why Wine Racks from WineX Storage Are a Perfect Fit

WineX Storage metal and wooden wine racks are a great way to store wine in your own home or business. The metal and wooden wine racks that we sell are made in Australia. For example, Modularack products are made from radiata pine, which is locally grown here in Australia. WineX Storage is proud to bring you high-quality metal and wooden wine racks made by companies right here in Australia. WineX Storage wine racks are also versatile. Our smaller wine racks are modular for smaller collections and there are also larger combination wooden/metal racks that are appropriate for seasoned wine collectors.