Building a cellar

So you are thinking of building a cellar

What choices do I have?

There are many options to choose from when deciding how to fit out a cellar or how to store wine in a space in your house. Whether you are using a space under a staircase, renovating a bedroom or designing a purpose-built construction, you have a number of choices to make.

Standard / kit racks

These are pre-measured, one height units that are assembled and attached to each other and the wall, floor and/or ceiling. There are several different types of wine racking to choose from. The style you select should ultimately reflect your specific needs and taste. has a large range and variety of wine racks to choose from to facilitate your decision-making. Feel free to contact us to assist you to choose a rack that best suits you, your wine collection and your budget.

Customised solutions

In order to get the best possible return on your investment, it is important to store your wine collection in an appropriate environment. We can help you design a cellar with climate control not to mention different racking systems to cater for cases, magnums or champagne bottles. Your final product should be beautiful to behold, practical to use and provide a safe environment for your valuable asset. We will be happy to work in alliance with your architect, builder or designer so you can be certain you get a final product you are happy with. Whether you are working within an existing room, renovating an outdated cellar or have a whole new construction idea, will provide you with helpful advice. Building your wine cellar walls, floor, ceiling and door correctly are very important. If your wine cellar is not constructed properly, it can seriously affect your cooling performance, and ultimately, your valuable wine. Using the wrong lighting or placing your vapour barrier incorrectly can cause serious moisture damage in your cellar and home. Understanding vapour barriers, insulation values, cooling, humidity and requirements of your particular cellar location are all important factors in a successful cellar project.

What to consider when planning a cellar.


Around 15 degrees and no variations is the ideal environment for your wine. If the temperature is kept too high, it may cause premature ageing of your wine. Of equal concern is a temperature that is too variable as this can lead to oxidation of the wine. Both red and white wines, as well as champagnes, can be cellared at the same temperature.


It is best to store your wine at around 70% humidity as this helps prevent corks from drying and evaporation (ullage).


Wine is best kept in darkness as UV rays can affect the wine and trigger chemical reactions.


It is best to avoid constant movement and vibrations that can easily disturb your wine.