Why Store At WineX Storage?

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, then Winex Storage can provide a very simple solution

  • Your personal wine collection is slowly taking over your house
  • You risk losing your valuable wine investment to your own moments of weakness … or those of teenage children!
  • You are missing out on opportunities to buy wine because you simply don’t have the space to store it
  • You are in danger of losing track of what you actually have stored
  • Your restaurant cellar is full or overflowing
  • Your corporate wine collection or reserve is taking up too much valuable office space
  • Your rural vineyard needs city storage space with easy access

You can relax with Winex Storage’s complete wine storage and management service.

WineX offers a perfectly controlled environment in which to store your wine. Our purpose-built cellaring facilities are climate controlled at 15 -16 degrees Celcius with 65-75% humidity control – the ideal wine storage environment.