Professional Wine Storage

There are several reasons that you might be wanting to consider professional wine storage with WineX Storage. You might not have enough space in your home or business to store your collection. Perhaps you have vintage wines that you want kept in a safe and secure storage location. Let’s take a look at what you should look for in terms of professional wine storage and how we can be a good fit for you, whether it be your personal wine collection or for your business.

What Types of Professional Wine Storage Are Available?

When it comes to professional wine storage, there are generally two types of service that most providers offer. Most wine storage services either offer your self-service or full-service. Self-service usually entails climate-controlled lockers where you can come retrieve your wine. Some self-service facilities have limitations on the hours that they are open. Full-service professional wine storage, through WineX Storage offers a plethora of options, making it easy for you to retrieve your wine or have it brought to you. WineX Storage offers:

  • You can make an appointment to retrieve your wine during our business hours.
  • We can deliver your wine directly to you by appointment.
  • Fast retrieval makes it possible for you to get your wine as soon as possible.

One of the benefits of working with WineX Storage for its full-service options is our affordability. Our professional wine storage rates can be found here.

What Types of Quality Assurances Are Available?

When looking for professional wine storage, you should factor in several different considerations, ranging from temperature to lighting. Here are some things to look for when considering a professional wine storage service:

Temperature and Humidity

Ideally, your wine should be stored at a temperature of 10° to 18° C. Our facilities are cooled at an average temperature of 15° to 16°C, which is in the recommended range. Humidity is also an important consideration. All of our storage is within 65% to 75% humidity control, the optimal environment to keep your great vintages at their best quality.


This is, by and far, the most important factor that you should consider when looking for professional storage for your wine. We use a strict inventory control system to make sure that your wine is well-organized when brought to our warehouse. The moment your wine is placed in our facility, it is bar coded and you get an inventory report. Whenever you add or remove wine from your collection, you receive an updated inventory report to let you know what you still have in stock.

Certification and Security

You want to know that your wine is being professionally stored by the right hands. When you are working with WineX Storage, we offer the following guarantees with our professional wine storage service:

  • We give you certification that your wine is being professionally stored. This is particularly important if you are wanting to sell your wine in the future or if you are an establishment that sells high-quality wine.
  • We make sure that your storage is secure. Not only do we offer 24/7/365 monitoring, but we also have state-of-the-art electronic monitoring to make sure that your wine is correctly safeguarded.

Why Should You Arrange For Professional Wine Storage?

Professional wine storage is a must for your investment. Improper storage can damage the flavor, quality, and enjoyment of your wine. Here are some factors where improper storage can be detrimental to your wine:


If wine is not stored at the correct temperature, even artificial light can be damaging. Wine contains phenolic compounds that are light sensitive and too much light can spoil it. Lighter-colored wines are specifically susceptible to light damage. Tinted bottles are a result of winemakers trying to make sure that their product is protected from light.

Temperature and Humidity

Wine is susceptible to heat and cold. Temperatures that are too hot can cause the wine to age more quickly, whereas colder temperatures can damage the bottle and the cork.

WineX Storage has conditions set perfectly for humidity. Too much humidity can cause smudge labels and make mold form. On the other hand, too little humidity will cause the cork to dry out and make your wine be exposed to oxygen.


Wine is very sensitive to vibration. Vibration can cause your wine to become more acidic, too sweet, or less aromatic. At WineX Storage, we are very careful to make sure that your wine does not move too much, from when it is being stored in our facility straight up to the point of delivery.

Horizontal Storage

Wine is very sensitive to how it is stored. If you keep wine at home and plan on consuming it within a month, storing your bottle upright is fine. However, professional wine storage involves laying the bottles in a horizontal manner. At WineX Storage, all of your wine will be stored horizontally, making sure that your wine does not prematurely oxidize. Horizontal storage makes sure that the moisture within your wine is maintained.

WineX Storage Makes Professional Wine Storage Easy

There are many reasons to have your wine professionally stored. Many people prefer the peace of mind knowing that their wine is professionally inventoried. Another benefit of working with WineX Storage is that our professional certification makes it so that you can easily sell from your stock.

Our delivery rates are also a popular amenity for some of our customers. With a phone call or email, we can easily deliver your wine to your location in a professional manner at an affordable price. When you make your first deposit at our storage facility, we prepare a full inventory and ass you add or withdraw from your collection, you will get a specific count of everything that you have on hand. We also offer an insurance package to make sure that your wine is adequately protected, a service that you won’t necessarily find at a self-service facility or on your own site.