The Invention of Stakrax

Stakrax – the modular wine rack you build one bottle at a time

A story about Stakrax

The concept for the Stakrax wine racks system came about in 2007 when a Perth wine enthusiast and businessman saw a need for a wine racking system that was versatile enough to build into any shape or size by adding a bottle at a time, add bottles for a growing collection, simple to assemble and easy to dismantle, move or reconfigure into a different shape if required whilst being affordable.

Watching his young 4 and 6 year old boys playing with their lego the initial concept was to make it that easy to assemle that his kids could do it. In fact when early proptypes were made the family living room was littred with towers and structures the children made from Stakrax modules.

The next step was to convert the concept into a product where he engaged a design firm to design the product, patent attornies to secure patents and register designs, factories to manufacture the product and various experts to create a brand, design and produce the packaging and bring the product to market.

After two years of development the first product came off the production line in Perth, Western Australia in November 2009 with the total initial production sold out prior to the first production run being completed.

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