As well as offering the benefits of off-site wine storage in the perfect climate-controlled conditions we also offer a range of cellar services.

One of the benefits of managed storage as opposed to self-storage is that you only pay for the space that you use.

 Cellar – Deposits

There are three ways you can ADD wine to your collection:

Wine Drop offs

You can drop off wine at our facilities yourself. NO appointment is necessary.

We can accept your deliveries and purchases on your behalf

Our staff can receive wine deliveries on your behalf during our normal business hours. This is popular for clients who buy wine online, from wineries mailing lists or if they are located abroad and wish to continue to add to their collections while away. Any wine received will appear on your next Wine In report if you have nominated for your wine to be catalogued.

Wine Collections

We offer a wine collection service, contact us and make a booking, please note that a minimum of 2 days’ notice is required, and that collection appointments are subject to availability.

Cataloging of wine

You have the option for us to catalogue your wine.

When you have your wine catalogued every bottle is individually inspected (except for unopened cases) and details of each bottle are recorded including the winery, label, vintage, variety and condition. This information is input into our data base and the client is given a complete listing of all the wines in their collection.

As bottles are deposited and retrieved each bottle is recorded and your collection is updated. All movements are reported and you have a complete audit trail.

If the wines have been catalogued the client can retrieve wine without any retrieval fees. If you wish you can retrieve one bottle at a time without cost.

Please note that depending on the amount of stock waiting to be processed, it usually takes between 1 and 3 weeks for the details of all new cellar deposits to be listed.

Stock Reports

Stock reports are provided monthly for all clients who have had a wine movement (wine deposited or withdrawn) during the month and reflect the client’s current portfolio. A separate report is also provided that advises the client of wines that have been added or retrieved during the month.

Cataloging not required

If you do not require cataloging our staff retrieve the complete case / cases and not individual bottles from the case. You are welcome to retrieve or add individual bottles yourself at our premises and if required redeposit the case during our normal hours.

Cellar – Withdrawals

When you REMOVE wine, you can either collect it yourself or have it delivered by us for a nominal charge.

Collecting your wine

Wine may be collected any time during our normal business hours and require in writing (normally email) the instructions as what wine you would like to collect.

While small stock retrievals can be processed with one working day’s notice, a minimum of 2 days’ notice is requested for all large stock withdrawals.

Delivery Service

Winex Storage uses their nominated couriers to perform most deliveries. We do not offer interstate; intrastate & international deliveries though can pack the wine to your requirements ready for collection.