Bottle Organiser



Give your fridge, pantry or storage space an instant facelift with the Bottle Organiser by Stakrax.

Say Goodbye to bottles rolling around your fridge, or clinking and rattling in the fridge door and say hello to a well utilised space that creates more room for food and drinks.

The Bottle Organiser is easy to install and clean. Individual modules allow you t create a rack to fit any shape or space. Easily expandable to build a small wine rack through to a complete cellar.

About the Bottle Organiser

  • CLEAR THE CLUTTER: Organise your bottles and save valuable space by staking the bottles side by side or one over the other.
  • USE INDIVIDUALLY: Each module can be stacked or used separately. You may want to keep two bottles in the fridge and two in the pantry, four bottles side by side or two bottles with two bottles stacked on top. You can configure which ever way best suits you space
  • KEEP YOUR BOTTLES ACCESSIBLE: The stable construction allows you to organise your bottles and have easy access to your bottles whether it is in the Fridge, Pantry Kitchen counter top, bar or cellar.
  • WIDE USES: The Stakrax bottle organiser can be used to store wine, liquor, champagne, drink, soft drink or regular water bottles in your kitchen, pantry, fridge and cabinets or on a counter top. Also can be expanded to be used in bars and wine cellars and grow with your collection.
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE: Proudly designed and made in Australia from high quality industrial grade polypropylene. BPA free and food safe material ensures worry-free use.

Internal Diameter for Bottle is 92mm