Keep you wine fresh for weeks, months, years.


Private Preserve - Wine PreserverPrivate Preserve - Wine Preserver


Ideally wine would stay as perfect and delicious as the day it was first uncorked forever. But, thanks to a little process called oxidation, recorked wine is never the same as a fresh bottle. If you want to keep your wine fresh a few days after you open it, we think Private Preserve is the way to go.

Private Preserve is a mixture of inert, nontoxic gases that are denser than air and go into your bottle to create an invisible blanket between your wine and the oxygen inside, and then you seal it with a lid.

A lot of other gas preservers use pure Argon gas, but Private Preserve is a mix of nitrogen, Co2 and Argon. Nitrogen bonds with oxygen, naturally taking out the oxidation potential, but can still have a dulling effect on some wines. Co2 dissolves into the wine and argon adds an additional layer of defence against oxygen, which in a high concentration can add a metallic character. So, in other words Argon is heavier than oxygen which creates an invisible barrier over the wine, while the nitrogen chemically neutralises the ability of the oxygen in the bottle to sour the wine. Private Preserve’s blend of three gases best preserves the flavour and original mouthfeel of the wine.

So how do you use it? Give the weightless canister a shake then just one long spritz through the canister’s straw into the bottle and then 3 short bursts of gas then immediately close tight with an airtight stopper. It can also be used to preserve vinegars, oils, and other liquors susceptible to oxidation.

Lastly, for those of you worried about spraying stuff into your wine, this product is FDA-approved, and its gases are medical-grade and non-volatile.

Whether you are a busy restaurant or bar wanting to keep half opened bottles of wine or saving leftovers after a party or simply enjoying a glass on a night in, you no longer need to worry about compromising the flavour of your wine or throwing our valuable profits … all thanks to Private Preserve.