Cellaring wine is easy when you know how


At WineX Storage we’re often asked how to cellar wines. See our tips for ensuring your wines are as natural as the winemaker intended.

You know the scenario, you’ve saved a bottle of wine for the perfect occasion. It’s been under the bed or at the back of the wardrobe for five years, patiently waiting for you to unleash its charms. You crack it open. The expectation is palatable, but it’s a dud. What went wrong? Why did the promise of a profound wine experience turn into a disappointing waste of time and money?

A bit of TLC

First, you have to remember that wine is a living thing — it’s constantly changing, particularly under cork. The fragile liquid inside responds to the elements and needs more care and attention than you might imagine.

Wine doesn’t favour heat, dampness or bright light, so the best place to store it is in a cool, dry, dark place, preferably in a cellar under the house. Or keep the wine in its original box and store it in a dark cupboard. Be sure to keep the temperature constant at about 12 to 16°C year-round — even slight changes may tamper with the quality of the wine. Maintain a moderately humid storage environment for wines under cork to prevent the cork from drying out and causing oxidation.

Bad vibrations

Wine doesn’t like too much movement. When storing wine, ensure vibrations are not likely to occur in that spot, as any movement will unsettle the wine. The best way to store wine, particularly bottles sealed with a cork, is horizontally so the liquid stays in contact with the cork.

The perfect place

You may be wondering how to cellar wine if you don’t have a cool, dark space under your house. A simple solution for cellaring wine is to use our off-site wine storage. You can also use our easy to build wine racks and set them up in a closet or cool dark area in your home. Alternatively a wine fridge would be a good option.