10 Most Common Wine Cellar Problems


  1. Lay it down
    Store your wine on its side label facing up to easily see what the wine in and avoid disturbing the wine or damaging the label.
  2. Keep it at a cool constant temperature
    The magic temperature to store wines is between 12-16 degrees Centigrade and make sure the temperature stays constant.
  3. Humidity
    Anywhere between 50-80% relative humidity is acceptable, 70% being ideal.
  4. Sunlight or exposure to UV
    Store your bottles in a dark place. Light will permanently age a bottle of wine. Clear bottles are most susceptible to this, but ultraviolet (UV) light will penetrate even dark coloured glass.
  5. Quality of wine
    Average quality wine does not improve with age and will not taste great if used in cooking. Start with a good wine, store it properly & you’ll end up with great wine.
  6. Quality of the cork
    Follow these tips for overcoming cellar problems and you’ll give your cork the best possible chance of aging your wines well.
  7. Position, position, position…
    Find an area with constant temperature. This is the most important factor you can control to age your wines well.
  8. How long should I keep a particular style of wine for?
    Look for a recommended cellaring time printed on the label, if not, ask where you bought the wine or contact the winery who made it.
  9. Calm
    Vibration from machinery, noise or roads etc will disturb sediment in wine. It is best to avoid any vibration or handling of the bottle so once a wine is laid down that’s where it should stay until you are ready to open or sell it.
  10. Clean and odour free
    Your cellar or storage area should be clean and free from smells or foodstuffs as strong outside smells can find their way through wines with a cork.