While it may be cold now, you can't escape the heat of a Perth Summer.

December, January, February and March all had a run of days above 30°C, which can not have been good for incorrectly stored wines.

Consistency is key when storing your wine. Although a temperature of 15-17°C is optimum, it does not matter too much if it is a bit warmer, as long as it is a consistent temperature. Fluctuations in Perth from day to night would disrupt the aging process in wines, potentially spoiling them.

At WineX, we have off site wine storage in Osborne Park that is fully temperature controlled at a stable 15-17°C and 65-70% humidity. You get a full inventory report of your wine and can withdraw it without fuss.

Don't let the Perth heat destroy your wine, enquire about Off Site Wine Storage today! 9244 4500