Saw this article in The West Australian Newspaper on Monday 25 March 2013 which I thought may be of interest.

The article discusses the dilemma that some wine producers have with selling their product to the two main supermarket chains (Coles and Woolworths) or the local corner liquor store.  Although the short term gains of massive distribution through Coles and Woolworths may be attractive, the longer term is not such a rosy picture. The sting is with the low prices that the supermarkets offer comes with a high cost brand devaluation. There are plenty of examples where wines that should be selling for $20 or above are now selling for nearer $10. Great for the consumer though not so great for the wine producer. Many of the smaller retailers have pulled out of the game with some of the smarter guys promoting a high quality alternative which is good news for the smaller producers who cannot or do not want to get on the shelves of the big chains.

Please find the article attached.