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Port Barrel Recipes and Info

Dry, Fairly Alcoholic Style:

  • • Three and a half bottle of Tawny Port
  • • One bottle of Fino Sherry (Very Dry)
  • • One bottle of St. Agnes Brandy (375 ml)

Sweeter Less Alcohol Style:

  • • Four bottles of Tawny Port
  • • Half a bottle of Fino Sherry (Very Dry)
  • • One bottle of St Agnes Brandy (175 ml)



  • • The blend can be sized up or down depending on taste and the volume of the barrel, which does not have to be full.
  • • The blend will take tome to “marry in” and provide a smooth drinking Port. Some evaporation of the contents should be encouraged, as this hastens the “marrying in”.
  • • You should also try other blends such as specialised liqueurs, spirits and other suitable liquors.